Why Mrang?


In 1988, while living in the south of England I purchased my first purebred dog and was led to the dog fancy and the world of performance dogs, at that time, competitive obedience. I had recently sold my horse, had a young son and was a military wife living in a new village with a very busy, seldom home husband.  All my life I had lived with and had animals and I knew I needed one again.  A military move to Scotland got me connected with a competitive dog club and a network of friends.

In 1997, our family was living back in Canada and myself and my two young sons were involved in dog performance sports, mostly flyball, agility, scent hurdling and junior handling for the boys, when I was asked to take a friend's young miniature poodle for the summer and do some training with her.  This was not something I would normally consider but it was meant to be and I soon decided I wanted my own miniature poodle.  After some twists and turns, in the fall of 1999, a cream white miniature poodle joined my pack.  He was registered as Valgai Belcourt Meringue but from the beginning he was a "heart dog" and since he was so wild, I called him my Mer-ang-u-tang and so his call name became Tang.

This amazing dog went on to be Ch Valgai Belcourt Meringue CD, RE, AG-N, FDCGH, SHCH, EJC-400, TNE-400, S-TG-E, WV-O HP-O, EAC ECC and the one I coveted most NATCH!  These letters represent over 50 titles and awards in the fields of conformation, scent hurdle, flyball, agility, obedience and rally obedience.  It wasn't always fun.  I vividly remember 'that year' when everything seemed to fall apart and we spent the whole year training and trialling to get our team work together.  We persevered and Tang and I became terrific team mates.

More importantly, he was beside me through many of the wonderful and the tough times life throws at us.  He  dried so many of my tears his coat should have been permamently wet!  I made the decision in Jan 2011 to retire Tang from active competition.  He was 11 and while he was still running well, I sensed he was doing it for me more than because he still wanted to.  I believe both members of the team have to love the game. Tang earned his retirement and continued to be my bed warmer and co-pilot.

As I did those final runs with Tang, it struck me that soon the time would come when my Meringue would no longer be at my side.  At the same time, I was looking for a kennel name that would start another phase for me, that of breeding quality miniature poodles.  The name Mrang to honour my Tang dog just seemed right.

On Sept 11, 2015 my beloved Tang left my side to watch over me and the poodles from the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.  Without him, there would be no Mrang Poodles.

I will always be grateful his breeders, Louise Prince and Murray Eason entrusted this boy to me.