Mrang puppies


At Mrang Poodles we take pride in producing miniature poodles that are both mentally and physically sound.  Whether you plan to be involved in one of the many dog events available or you are looking for a family companion, it all starts with a healthy puppy.

All breeding stock has been subject to genetic testing.  With the advent of DNA testing and the discovery of the gene markers for PRCD ( progressive retinal cone disease), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), and OC (Osteo Chondrodysplasia) there should never be puppies born affected by these conditions.  Even if you do not buy a puppy for us, please ensure your breeder is doing these tests on their breeding stock.

Along with DNA testing, our breeding stock also all have OFA hip exams and a CERF exam.

For testing results on each dog, please see OUR DOGS page.


Mrang puppies are sold with CKC registration and a health guarantee.  They are vet checked and have their first set of shots before they leave for their forever homes.  All puppies are sold as companion animals on non-breeding terms unless otherwise arranged.  As we believe in finding the "right fit" in terms of the future home and the puppies energy levels and personality, we will ask you many questions as we get to know you. We want to ensure that each puppy is matched to the right home.  To assist us in that, all puppies are temperament tested after 49 days of age.  The right puppy is about more than gender or color.


As our poodles grow up we spend many hours analysing their strengths and weaknesses, scrutinizing pedigrees, researching dogs, talking to other breeders as well as looking at the results of health testing to create our breeding plans.  There are usually tentative plans made long before a dog is ready to breed.  Since the goal of a sound program is to improve each subsequent generation, a great deal of thought and effort goes into each breeding.  It is never a matter of expediency or convenience. 


You are welcome to make arrangements to visit us and meet the dogs.  In fact, we encourage it. However, there is a strong possibility we will not have the stud dogs on site as we travel across North America to get to the boys we want.